Thank you baby-hartfor the tag

Fill in the blanks and tag 6 people

1. Name: El
2. Birthday: 13/07/1993
3. Favourite number(s): 4 and 8
4. Height: 5 foot 6
5. Talents: idk
6. Can you juggle?kinda, sorta…So not really
7. Art/Sports/Both? me doing sport lol.
8. Do you like writing? If no one reads it.
9. Do you like dancing? I’ve got no rhythm but hell yeah
10. Do you like singing? I enjoy singing a great deal, doesn’t mean I’m any good. But I especially enjoy musical theatre and Ariana Grande songs.

1. Dream vacation: I’m heading to Europe in October and did America in 2013.
2. Dream guy/gal: Someone who makes me laugh
3. Dream wedding: Vintage
4. Dream pet: French Bulldog

1. Favourite song: Best Mistake/ Dream a little dream of me
2. Favourite album: My Everything/ The Andrew Sisters in HiFi
3. Last song you heard on the radio: Bang Bang
4. Least favourite song: Anaconda
5. Least favourite album: anything avril lavigne
6. Least favourite artist: avril lavigne

1. Guys/Girls/Both? 
2. Hair colour: Brown (about to go red though!)
3. Eye colour: Brown
4. Humorous/serious?
5. Taller/shorter?:
6. Biggest turn-off: People who judge me for my love of vintage and youtube.
7. Biggest turn on: A sense of humor and abs duh.

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woah guys. woah.

So it’s been around 3 weeks since I last posted and I am so very sorry for that! I thought I’d be able to keep up with running this blog whilst on placement and it turns out I couldn’t. Because when I wasn’t at the hospital I was either doing assignments or sleeping. While I was away i learnt a lot. First off, the country sucks. I’m not a fan at all. But most importantly I discovered that when you are gone from the internet for 3 weeks you miss ALOT! But I’m back now and ready to catch up! So again

And lets keep spreading the love my positive peaches!